Experts in Forensic Engineering,
Failure Analysis and Accident Investigations

Root Cause Consulting

(RCC) is a multi-disciplinary consulting company specializing in forensic engineering, failure analysis and accident investigations. Our experts have performed consulting services in the investigations of civil/structural, mechanical, and electrical/fire failures. Our experienced engineers provide impartial and concise evaluations of the evidence to get to the “ROOT CAUSE” of the failure.

RCC’s seasoned experts have performed hundreds of investigations for insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, claims professionals, contractors and self-insured corporations.

In addition to forensic engineering consulting, RCC also has a marketing consulting division. Our marketing services can assist companies in the development of new marketing strategies, sales training and client relationship building.

About Us

Root Cause Consulting (RCC) was founded in 2012 by David J. Root and Erin W. Root. David has over 30 years of management and marketing experience in the forensic engineering field. Erin has over 15 years in the insurance and forensic engineering industry.

RCC was established with the principal of providing exceptional client service through rapid response and definitive and concise engineering opinions. Simply, we get to the ROOT CAUSE of the failure.

Service Provided
in 25 States